The Democrats are the party of free stuff. Free cellphones, perhaps as many as six per minority beats having a job and paying the cellphone bill. Same for work in general. Minorities including immigrants, children of immigrants, poor white people will vote to continue freebies from government. Proof? the last two Presidential elections where minorities, especially blacks who voted 95% for Obama in 2008. Minorities are poor. Free money, cellphones, no money down mortgages, food stamps, free medical care, no income tax, Electronic Benefit Cards, etc., etc., etc., are designed to get the votes of the poor.

Republicans don’t like to bribe people but Democrats know how to bribe people for their vote. Obama continued the FDR, Lyndon Johnson, appeal to the poor by giving them money, benefits, food stamps etc. It won another presidential election for the Democrats and entrenched the welfare system in America. All that leads to Greece. Riots for free things.

Even the poor are smart enough to know it’s better to collect free stuff paid for by others and not work compared to being free to work and buy things with your own money. Is that moral? No, but the Democrats know that’s how to bribe people to vote for your candidates. It re-elected Obama.

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