Compare the murders by Terrorists when you read the Diane Feinstein Political hatchet Job on the Bush Administration and the CIA called: “Senate Select Committee on Intelligence” / Committee Study of the C.I.A.’s Detention and Interrogation Program about the techniques used to interrogate American Prisoners of War. Remember 9/11 while reading it. Remember: 2,996 dead on 9/11. Remember the Boston bombing.

Terrorists mounted 2,608 terror attacks in America between 1970 and 2011, all with murders. Read that number carefully. Two Thousand, Six Hundred and Eight Terror Attacks not counting the last three years.

The Benghazi Attackers who attacked the American Embassy outpost did not capture the four Americans. they simply murdered them.

Terrorists are unlawful combatants who are not covered by the Geneva Convention Rules of War. The Geneva Conventions cover civilized cultures. The Terrorists are uncivilized. They main and murder routinely. They shoot rockets into Israel and murder innocent civilians.

There are four Geneva Conventions. The first Geneva Convention protects wounded and sick soldiers on land during war.

This Convention represents the fourth updated version of the Geneva Convention on the wounded and sick following those adopted in 1864, 1906 and 1929. It contains 64 articles. These provide protection for the wounded and sick, but also for medical and religious personnel, medical units and medical transports. The Convention also recognizes the distinctive emblems. It has two annexes containing a draft agreement relating to hospital zones and a model identity card for medical and religious personnel.

Do the terrorists agree with the Geneva Conventions? 196 nations signed. The terrorists didn’t.

Add in the Khobar Towers; the East Africa terror attacks in Kenya, Somalia, Uganda and Tanzania. How many have been murdered? Is there a moral equivalency to beheadings and alleged torture? Read the report. The so called Torture is childs play compared to dismemberment even of women who are not combatants.

The 13 interrogation methods some of which are repeats so it’s really only the seven that are carefully explained in the report below include: nudity, not beheading; waterboarding, not sawing off the head of a bound prisoner; handcuffing a wrist to an overhead pipe, not cutting off the head of a bound prisoner; dragging a prisoner up and down a hall, not beheading him: providing ENSURE therapeutic shakes, not beheading; dousing with cold water for up to but no longer than 18 minutes, not beheading; threatening but not carrying out the threat to harm a prisoners mother but not removing his head from his spine with a knife; and feeding a stubborn fighter a puree of humus, raisins and oatmeal but not through his mouth instead of beheading him.

Do you see a pattern here? Terrorists behead people, Americans keep them alive. The blind sheik who bombed the World Trade Center is still in jail. Obama want’s to release all the people in prisons because America is racist but at least American racism keeps prisoners alive and doesn’t behead people.

Also remember America was under the threat that terrorists would get or had gotten nuclear weapons. Read the Senate Report with that in mind. How could America find out about the nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological weapons the terrorists had or wanted to get? Compare questioning a naked man or a waterboarded prisoner who refused to divulge information that would put Thousands or millions of Americans at risk. It’s a good thing that the Obama administration was handed a safe program by the Bush administration who should be honored because of their outstanding service. Same for the CIA, the Military and the private contractors who teamed up to keep America safe, unlike Diane Feinstein and her childish release of a report designed only to damage America. She should be ashamed.

Obama and Feinstein don’t want to offend the terrorists so they released a summary of the seemingly worst moments in American Prisoners of war’s interrogations and what do you think? No beheadings. Seven types of techniques were used against prisoners of war, techniques that were legal at the time and are still legal especially compared to the “sweet little things” who behead people when they’re in custody. These people need to die. Interrogating them is not in the same ballpark as beheading.

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