Michelle Malkin summed it up beautifully and was deferential along with the usual reverence and respect paid to someone who just passed away, Malkin did it with grace. 

Rebecca Mansour said: “It seems as if the media is already using [George H.W. Bush’s] passing as a means to bash President Trump, just as they did with the funeral of John McCain. … What lessons do you think Trump could learn from Bush 41?”

Malkin replied, “There are not many I can think of that I might frame in a positive way, and I absolutely agree with you that we’ve seen from the senility mongers of the left the usual vulgar [and] vile behavior. Is there a dead Republican body that the Democrats and the left won’t use to go after Trump? I don’t think so.” 

Malkin continued, “The lesson of the Bush regime and the Bush dynasty is something that impoverishes the American worker. It grows the deep state at the expense of small businesses and liberty, and even though the grocery scanner story turned out to be fake news, as Dan Rather once said in defense of his fake news, ‘It was fake but accurate.’”

Rush called the media’s praise of Bush after his death “phoney”. “They never treated him this way when he was president. They were vicious to him, like they are vicious and partisan to every Republican. They had just as much animus for Bush 41 and Bush 43 as they do Trump, for different reasons.”