Dec 032018

In a “GUEST OPINION” by an insider* at the Courier, Senator Tomlinson was accused thusly: “cheated to win his seat”. The opinion made the case against candidate Anthony Sposato and the PA Republican Party that used an ad that was critical of Tina Davis. Devis won by a huge number of votes.

The ad against Tine Davis was not run by  Senator Tomlinson. It was not paid for by the Tomi;inson campaign. It did not mention the Senate race or the candidates for the Senate seat. It did not mention Senator Tomlinson yet it’s used as evidence in the Courier Opinion that Tomlinson engaged in “Dirty Politics”.  That’s the dirtiest charge ever made against Senator Tomlinson and it’s mendacious and a lie from top to bottom because it has nothing to connect it to the Senator. The Courier should be judged as mendacious, i.e., lying.

The hit piece by a registered Democrat against Senator Tomlinson who is a Republican used faulty logic to support the lie. It reads: “Tomlinson won by less than one-tenth of one percent of the vote”. Note: The Winning Margin was o.066%. That’s a clear win. The opinion piece went on to say that 200 absentee ballots were not counted because they were received after the deadline. Here’s some statistical info. The 200 absentee ballots would have followed the other 108,690 votes that showed Tomlinson won meaning at the least 100 would have been for Tomlinson making his percent of the vote and the percent of his win percent higher and Davis’s percentages a bit lower.

Further, in another Bucks County race in the same ad area area as the Senate District the Democrat, Helen Tai lost by 572 votes to the Republican Wendi Thomas so the faulty logic of the Opinion Hit Piece is hurt even more by the other Democrat loss.    

*The writer of the hit piece is on the Editorial Board. The Guest Opinion stacked the deck to even get printed.