Is Obama. Barack increased the re-distribution and regulation of American businesses and the business’s went to China. Barack wants it both ways but he can only get it one way. He wants China to pay more for higher priced American products and he wants China to charge less for theirs. It doesn’t work both ways. It’s either produce high quality at low price or customers will refuse to buy your products. If oOama wants China to buy American, Obama should have made it easier and less expensive for American  products. So long as he doesn’t, or for the past four years he hasn’t, China runs into the gap and sells to Americans who refuse to pay more for less, unless they have no choice. And Obama has rid Americans of many product choices. His policies decreased American pay by $4,000 a year.

Obama could have solved America’s China problem by backing off of more government regulation. Instead he increased the costs of doing business in America. Obama made American products more expensive. China sold more goods than ever in America. Obama blames it on American business people. He’s wrong. He sent the jobs to China when he increased regulation which made American prducts too expensive to the Chinese.

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