Shades of propaganda minister’s who exploited innocent children who cannot reason, are part of what’s behind the latest anti-Romney ad that is also abuse of the minds of unsuspecting children. The trusting children sing false lyrics that mean Romney will make sick people “just die” in an ad that would appeal to tyrannical North Korea dictator Kim Jong Ul.

Some few people have warped minds. Like a locomotive that goes too fast for the curve, the creators of the kid’s ad went way too far over the line. This is a cruel, mean ad that is so past the limits of civility that Obama himself should condemn it. If he doesn’t we must judge that he believes it and it parallels his slimy image. 

Is it right to do whatever it takes to win an election? No. People who want to serve the nation must be judged by the ads that appear on their behalf. That leads to the conclusion that Obama truely is out of touch with most people but even more telling is he is truely an unauthentic man who should never have been elected to public office. The man is psychotic because he is devoid of shame. This exploitative ad verifies that.

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