The Obama adminstration rivels Mayor Daly’s Chicago in deep seated corruption. It starts at the top. Covering up the Terror attacks in Benghazi is neither the first or deepest political swindle of Obama’s adminstration. Two weeks after the Terrorist attacks Obama was still trying despertly to blame anybody or anything but himself. He sent the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice, to blame a video so Obama would not be touched by his massive inability to manage America. He told Hewlet Packard to break the law by not advising people about to be laid off so the economic picture would be falsely presented as more successful than it was. Unempolymnent statistics were doctored, money was funneled to environmental companies, e.g.,




the Chevrolet VOLT,


Bright Source,

LSP Energy,

Energy Conversion Devices,

Abound Solar,


Beacon Power,



Azure Dynamics, 

Evergreen Solar,


the wind power business,

the Solar Cell business,

the exotic battery business,

all designed to promote Obama as helping the green movement when those companies were failing. The companies took the money and failed anyhow. Bad management is not helped by more money. They just become bigger economic failures.

Obama called Joe Biden one of the smartest people, in another whopper that everyone, everyone but Obama, knows Joe Biden is an intellectual lightweight. His mendacity was boldly displayed during the debate with Paul Ryal who was shocked at the prevarication. At the very least, Obama has been trading by deveption. He’s not the person he claims to be. He’s not the person he seems to be.  He’s not an authentic person. An un-authentic person is not a person at all. Obama is a counterfeit.

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