Morality can be good, bad or a confused amalgam of both. Morality is a Code of Behavior, a set of Principles used to guide choices. A Moral Code has a purpose. Obama’s moral code is against America. He wants to create more and more dependence on government. That’s immoral in itself because it leads to death. Death because people who can not take care of themselves die. Obamacare has probably already led to earlier death to some because some element of medical care was denied to people by the “Death Panel”. Liberals deny there is such a thing but it’s the 15 person board mandated by Obamacare that decided which medical procedures get approved. It’s officially called the “Independent Payment Advisory Board”.

If you refuse to take care of yourself you’ll die.  If a business decides to spend all of it’s money on the environment it’s business will die. If a business refuses to pay the workers, they will quit and the business will die. 

Causes and effects are part of the natural world. Cause people to be lazy and they will die earlier than industrious people. Welfare does not encourage industriousness, it penalizes it and tries to stop it. Lazy people will not take care of themselves. Welfare encourages laziness. Welfare causes early death. Obama want’s more welfare. More people will die because of Obama’s wrong, immoral idea.

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