Both Kaepernick and Obama are wrong. It’s that simple.
White people, for example refuse to support criminals, gangs, drugs, drug dealers, dirty neighborhoods, and racism. Why? Why do black neighborhoods, “the hoods” support “stitches for snitches”; polar bear hunting, the knockout game, and constantly blame the system or someone else for problems that are not caused by white people or black people?? Why?

The NFL has no clue to what’s going on so they don’t know how to respond and as a result the NFL is losing and will continue to lose watchers and viewers. They should sell their season tickets to Kaepernick who can re-sell them or throw them away but for certain the NFL has lost the respect of all except the most dense people . 

Unfortunately, America has a system of political correctness that not only has failed to punish bigotry and therefore has promoted it, America has rewarded some bigots which created more bigots like Kaepernick who not only doesn’t grasp oppression sufficiently to respond correctly, he’s helping create a problem with race instead of supporting common sense about race.

Plus, Kaepernick is making things worse by protesting against something that can’t be different, i.e., his race and the race of every living person.

No one gets to choose their race. Potential parents can decide to propagate within or outside of their race but they can not chose their own race.

Kaepernick cited the #BlackLivesMatter movement as one he supports. But logical people of all races wonder why such a noble-titled movement assiduously avoids addressing, let alone protesting, the avalanche of daily and nightly murders of blacks by blacks in virtually every city in this country.

How is it, Colin, that it doesn’t matter to Black Lives Matter that the blood of black men, women and children daily fills the streets of Newark, Chicago, Detroit, Compton, East St. Louis, Baltimore, Birmingham, Philadelphia and Miami? Why is Black Lives Matter’s outrage, copied from the plan of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and, so sadly, President Obama, so hideously race selective?

Obama says he has suffered the racism of whites locking their cars when he came into view. But most people lock their cars. Does Obama think cars parked in every city sit unlocked?

President Obama and Kaepernick are both by-racial men who are so fortunate they don’t live in countries, cultures and places where bi-racial people are oppressed by being murdered.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Martin Luther King, Jr. 
Kaepernick needs to read some history so he can learn about America.

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