Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s News HQ,” Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder said Attorney General Eric Holder “seemed on many occasions to be inciting the mob.”

Told ya.

One question is why does Holder pander to the mobs? Does he visualize himself as the protector of the whoever they are? Is it a reaction to his belief’s against Europeans, like his boss President Obama? Probably.

What other reason would he have? What other reason could he possibly have except that he’s the Messiah for “his people”. Read that again. The United States Attorney General does not see himself as the Attorney General for Americans. He the Attorney General for “his people”. What does he mean?

Again, there’s only one meaning. He sees and believes America has two types of people. Racists and “his people”. He cannot be objective. He cannot provide justice for Americans. In fact from his perspective he will be just for “his people” but not for the rest of the American people.

The man is a disgrace to his office. Even worse, the man is a disgrace as an American. If he was white he would fight for the slave holders. Ironic that’s his name, …Holder. It’s good he’s leaving although he boss isn’t leaving for 20 more months. Pity.


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