When an actor or actress supports a political candidate we can be sure they are not genuine supporters. They are the most fake people in the world. That’s their profession. Being someone else is what they are trained to do. Life to an actor is a role. They are trained to assume a different identity meaning different then themselves. Not being themelves is not only what they do, it’s what they do best. They are trained to be “professional somebody elses”.

Industrial grade pretenders. They are not serious as people because their careers are based on not being themselves so they should not be taken as serious people. They are entertainers. Like shape shifters they are unreliable as normal people. They are neither stupid nor ignorent but neither are they trustworthy as authentic people. If they were authentic they could be like everyone else. But if they were like everyone else they would not be celebrities. They are celebrities because they are not like the rest of us. If they were not actors they could be themselves. But they are not themselves. They are actors.

It’s a Catch 22. If you are normal you cannot be an actor. So if you are an actor you are not normal. That’s why we like to watch and listen to them. They are different. Inauthentic. When they appear in an ad or at a fundraiser we know one thing about everyone of them. They are playing a role. Playing. That’s why we call them “Players”. They are playing at life. Don’t be fooled into accepting them as authentic people.

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