Aug 052018

LeBron started it when he publicly called the president “U bum”. LeBron is very, very proud of himself for doing that. LeBron then lied about his obvious disrespect by saying that calling the president “U bum” is not calling the president a name. Does LeBron think calling black people a name is not calling them a name too? Of course he wouldn’t say that but there’s no degree in Science in the mail to him. 

LeBron accepted gifts while in high school for favorable treatment which broke all of the rules of under-the-table-compensation. He took a car but hav it registered to his mother to avoid the illegal acceptance of gift rule. LeBron didn’t admit or accept the blame for his actions, a very bad way to develop a good reputation. LeBron in fact is not in any position to be a role model because of his rule-breaking. His good conduct award is coming never.

LeBron is at least a bigot because he believes white people, you know, the people who buy the tickets and watch the commercials during basketball games are racist against black people. Instead of talking about basketball, LeBron disrespects the president of the United States. He’s one of the larger problems that are limiting the happiness of many people.

Trump Mocked LeBron James’s Intelligence and Called Don Lemon the ‘Dumbest Man’ on TV. That’s so obvious is doesn’t need repitition but it has to be repeated to sense the depth of the divide goi8ng on here. Throughout the NBA Finals, LeBron has continuously passed up open shots, clanked late field-goal attempts, and eventually refused to rebound or play defense in the fourth quarter. Not a team player. Not a role model for America.   

Trump disinvited Stephen Curry from the White House on Saturday in response to comments made by Curry that implied he would not attend the celebration. That was just part of a string of comments by the president against some obviously intellectually challenged NFL players who kneel instead of standing for the national anthem during games to protest racial inequality and police brutality. Who supports racial inequality and police brutality? It certainly isn’t president Trump

The Golden State Warriors are another example of no respect for the president. The team loudly, preemptively, declared they would not accept an invitation to the White House, (they were not invited) after they won the NBA championship last fall, a move that prompted Trump to respond on Twitter.

It’s not like black or white people don’t love each other. Nature makes people a certain way. In America the white people are constantly apologizing for their success and trying to assuage their guilt at their success by letting inferior performers get in line in front of them. People like LeBron take immense advantage of that but imagine James in a different role. How hard is that? It’s practically impossible. Take him away from basketball and there’s not much substance left. Turns out LeBron’s the real bum.   .