The Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor was a monstrous War Crime. Without Pearl Harbor there would have been no Hiroshima. Pearl Harbor initiated the Manhattan Project which invented the Nuclear Bomb which was used to stop the Japanese but one nuclear bomb wasn’t sufficient to get Japan to surrendur. It took a second bomb dropped on Nagisaki and additional time before Japan would surrender. To forget Pearl Harbor and launch into a remembrance of Hiroshima makes a victor into a loser which is the secret purpose of all of the Hiroshima remembrances and celebrations. The Hiroshima Bomb saved American lives.

The consequence of war is death. The Japanese started the War with America with the sneak attack on America at Pearl Harbor on December 8th, 7:48 AM Pacific time, 1941. 12/8/41 is a day that still lives in infamy. The Japanese initiated World WarII at Pearl Harbor where they murdered 2,403 and wounded 1,178 Americans. The U.S. Navy was at peace with Japan before Japan committed the war crimes by bombing Pearl Harbor. Japan acted dishonorably by bombing innocent people. Without Pearl Harbor there would be no Hiroshima.

America is charged with the murder of Hiroshima but that’s wrong. Fighting back is self-defense. Sneak attacks are grossly immoral. Japan started WWII so far as America was concerned. Japan forced America into WWII. Hiroshima is a consequence of Japan. Self-defense after Pearl Harbor required the invasion of Japan which would have cost American lives but Hiroshima wasn’t enough. A second nuclear bomb was required to force Japan to stop killing Americans. Without Pearl Harbor neither Hiroshima nor Nagasaki happen.

The war memorial in Hiroshima should have some of the sunken American Battleships in it because Pearl Harbor and dead Americans caused Hiroshima. Hiroshima was the effect. Pearl Harbor the cause. Lets not forget Pearl Harbor in the rush to condemn America by blaming America for World War II.

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