Jul 112018

Is Beck correct? His book begins with an overview of Islam in the historical context and then proceeds to dismantle 13 key lies that are being disseminated by the propagandists in government and the media. Beck uses actual and extensive quotes from the Quran and the Hadiths as a means to understand what it is that drives the Islamic Fundamentalist. His book may fall victim to the idiocy of the politically correct media, but Mr. Beck does take the time to note the difference between the peaceful practice of Islam and the Islamism that is practiced by terrorist organizations. a book about the roots of islamism presented in a way that is easily understood by the masses. For years, whenever you heard people who said they were unable to comprehend or who excused the islamists motives, the answer is always the same. Why don’t you believe them? The religious fundamentalists have not been the least bit shy about broadcasting their reasons, desires for a worldwide uprising of muslims to fight and kill kuffir, and what happens to all who oppose the islamist vision. Should you take them at their word?

Will president Trump investigate and act or will he be like president Obama and pay billions to Iran? Most likely president Trump will act agaisnt Iran after he builds a coalition which he has been doing and is currently doing in Brussels with NATO and in Helsinki with Putin.