The audiences are notoriously Liberal, cheering loudly and raucously over every Republican joke and last night was no exception as the room chilled when Seth Myers began to introduce Megyn Kelly. They were at best slightly warm as Megyn talked about some of her experiences as a mother and finally, at the end, when they applauded her but not as loudly as the right wing jokes.

All four of the Late Night Shows are bent sharply to the Left. They adore President Obama. They love Obamacare, hate, hate, hate Israel who they blame for 9/11 and they welcome all illegal immigrants. They are firmly against Tea Party types and all Republicans especially those in the House of Representatives where the majority are Republican.

The late night comedic pundits blame the House for “Blocking” legislation but never ever mention the massive blocking going on in the Democrat controlled Senate where Dingy Harry Reid would vote against Air in the Senate if he could to stop Republican legislation from the House.

America is no longer America because of the Left.

Seth Myers may be one of the better Lefties on late night TV but he’s further to the left and far more biased than fair, balanced or truthful. California has some great wines, some among the best in the world but the Left Coast Of America is well named and nowhere as good as California wine. The Late Night audiences are unabashed and vengeful Democrats who would follow dictators so long as they weren’t Republican. It’s a conditioned reflex. They are vulnerable because their brains are so limited. It takes low information voters to elect and applaud Lefties like Crazy Nancy Pelosi.

Megyn Kelly does her best to be fair, as do almost everyone at Fox. Of course Bob Beckel and Juan Williams are severe Progressives are radical extreme Lefties who sometimes listen to reason and make some correct decisions but no one will accuse Late Night TV of being unbiased. the Seth Myers audience was like a gaggle of Vipers and Megyn Kelly would do well to remember that next time she’s on with Myers.   

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