Germany uses their cash to buy oil and gas from Russia then refuses to pay NATO what they promised. Trump called it inappropriate. It’s downright theft.

President Trump said: “Germany is a captive of Russia because it is getting so much of its energy from Russia,” Trump took aim at the proposed Nord Stream II gas pipeline, which he has previously criticised.
“Everybody’s talking about it all over the world, they’re saying we’re paying you billions of dollars to protect you but you’re paying billions of dollars to Russia.”

Germany says it allows NATO to use it’s land and air bases. So does America. U.S. orces are trained in America before being sent to Europe, same as every other NATO country but Germany bought millions of dollars of oil and gas from Putin thus giving Putin and Russia more leverage over trade with Germany. That supports Russia while America pays NATO to keep Russia from Europe. That’s immoral. That’s theft disguised and hidden from view.

Pay up Europe or America won’t help you as much. . 


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