We’ve heard the last of her – for awhile at least. Before the debates she was on TV a lot because she was thought to be an expert because she was the chair of the Democratic National Committee. That’s was very wrong. Her big ability is annoying people. She’s a congresswoman representing a district in Florida that’s so gerrymandered it makes a salamander look like it’s a rectangle. This is political hacksville, just like Chicago. 

But now that Obama is losing Wasserman Schultz’s T.V. appearances have been dialed back. She’s too obnoxious to appeal to Republicans so it’s obvious she can only accommodate Democrats and Obama doesn’t need to convince Democrats. They will vote for him just because. Debbie is a gruff politician. Nice people cannot chair something as unruly as a political party with loads of type A dissenters.who want to run the show and resent the leader more than a teens resent their parents.

So Schultz, a thorny persona at best, has been put back into the funny shaped one-party district in Florida. Good. She needs to spend some time there softening her ability to annoy.  

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