It’s a World War II word, “tailspin”, meaning the plane is out of control, in a downward spiral and about to crash. Many early aircraft could not recover from a tailspin. Aircraft today are safe and many are difficult to spin. The flight controls are not designed to control a spinning aircraft. The word also describes someone out of control which is the sense used to describe Obama’s recent poll numbers which are going down. He cannot recover, even if he scores 100% in the upcoming Fla debate because his record has doomed his presidency.

With a Presidency that failed, he should work for his post-Presidential legacy. He’s a multi-millionaire from his $1.5 million book income and his four year payments over $2 million from us taxpayers. Money is no longer a problem for Obama. With some instructions on how to do it from Bill Clinton, Obama’s post presidency income can be over $10 million a year. He may pass Romney in earnings so it’s hypocrital for Obama to condemn the rich. He is rich. So is Michelle.

His popularity and his electability suffered because of: his poor performance; his broken promises; his big fibs about BenghaziGate; his broken promises about ObamaCare; his excessive improper use of Presidential Czars, and his abuse of Presidential Orders. The man behaves like a King. The Constitution cannot control him because of the political parties influence over the laws. Out of control, spinning and about to crash. Tailspin Barack.

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