Rick Santelli works for CNBC. He’s their Merchantile Exchange reporter who greatly resented Obama’s “Share The Wealth” policy. Rick’s heritical idea was to give stimulus money, not to the losers but the winners and Santelli knew how to find them. He proposed  to give money to people who lived responsibily. He thought that would cause the economy to run more efficiently and would help the troubled economy get moving again.  Makes sense except to Liberals to whom the better people are the enemy of the weak. Santilli knew he didn’t sound too humanitarian but he thought helping the capable people, the ones who would carry some water down the road was the right thing to do.

But the President didn’t get the message. Socialists want to help losers. They want to destroy winners, especially if they succeed. Santelli knew that and after his comments were published the Tea Parties were born.  (Here).

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