The country is too far gone. We’ve moved so far to the Left and even though America needs to dial back the entitlement state, people would literally die if it was done all at once. The country, – wrongly, – against the founding principles and against the Constitution, was put on the Socialist path long ago. President Roosevelt began many welfare program in the 1930’s and every president since Roosevelt has continued or expanded them. People have built their lives around Socialism. Even though socialism restricts individual freedom, most people are content to give up fundamental freedoms either because most people these days have been propagandized to accept or even to appease the Socialists. Many Americans, confused about issues like Liberty, Individual Freedoms, Individual Rights etc., openly support the welfare state which explains the lack of an effective backlash against Obamacare and many other Socialist programs that Obama has continued to support. Even worse for freedom, Obama introduced many additional socialist programs which have harmed American citizens individuals while benefitting a few special people. 

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