1. It’s been alleged “Ferguson” was caused by the shooting of Michael Brown. Is that true?

2. The shooting of two NYC police officers is alleged to be due to police brutality to black people. Is that true?

3. Did Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and the President get it correct when they blamed Racism?

Those are not the only reasons there is discontent among the African America community. Poor education of blacks caused by a racist white government is another reason blamed for the “Demonstrations”, Arson and “Riots” in and around the African American neighborhoods.  Poor housing get’s into the mix. High unemployment. Not enough black professors as Michelle Obama wrote in her Princeton thesis is in the list of reasons. Are those reasons what has caused the high amount of black discontent? Is it true as Eric Holder has said, -that America lacks the courage to even talk about “Race”?

Suppose the Education System really does provide a sub-standard education to American blacks. Is that the reason for the discontent? Suppose the Education system really is wrong for African Americans? Would that explain the general dissatisfaction among American blacks?

Certainly. Education is needed for all children to prepare them to be adults. Sure children grow naturally into adults but suppose they could have a much better life if they were “properly educated”.

 Should black people have a different education than non-black people?

Another way to ask the same question is: should inner city children be educated differently than children not living in the inner cities?

Should there be say six different education systems to account for the natural and normal differences in children? Note: American already accommodates several different systems for “challenged” children but puts all children from the same area in the same school.

What’s considered a proper public education? At minimum children be able to read and write. Is that sufficient or should they be taught arithmetic too? Why?

What about history? Is it important? For most people it’s as important as algebra or geometry. It’s not useful in their lives. People do just fine, thank you without algebra or history. How about English? Americans of all ethnicities and races speak English, at least some form of it well enough to watch TV. Songs are written and movies made using language that doesn’t follow the rules of English grammar. Why do people need more ability than that? For most people, they don’t.  

If people want to go to college far more education is needed but most people don’t want to go to college nor do they need to.

Of course all children should be encouraged to go to college but don’t be naïve about it. Far too many people go to college then go on to live a satisfying life without using much of the information from college. College is oversold. Far too many people waste a lot of their lives getting more and more education with little benefit.

In fact, for most people college costs far more than just the cost of the tuition.  ………….developing.


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