It took a couple of days for the Joe Biden Meltdown to sink in but the American people mostly figured out what Biden is, a clown, a prevaricator, a disgrace and too unhinged to be one breath away from the Presidency. Joe acted like the crazy old uncle in the attic. SNL caught the maniacal laughs, the Joker Grins, the eye rolls, the hand waving, the upstretched arms, the childness, the frat boy giddiness of the Vice President who overshot the mark by about 100,000 volts. From his denials of the cause of the Benghazi attacks and murders to his over-the-top fibs about Obamacare not being used to destroy Medicare and give even less medical care to seniors, the question many people asked is: Did you go off your meds Mr. Vice President? Joe looked positively unhinged. He interrupted Representative Paul Ryan 83 times. His partner in the Ryan Assault, Left Wing Liberal Martha Raddatz, a biased journalist whose first wedding was attended by the Obama’s, was dismissive of Paul Ryan and let Biden “run wild” as Sarah Palin called it, during the so-called debate. It was a disguised Left Wing two against one assault on Paul Ryan. Ryan acted diplomatic and calm during the assaults. Now Biden needs to do something he can’t do which is to man-up and face the truth about his shabby disaster by apologizing to Ryan, Romney and America. The good news is most Americans don’t like people who cheat and break the rules to win.They won’t vote for Joe and they know the only way to do that is to not vote for his boss, Obama. Those two finally have been revealed for their true natures and the people don’t like what they see.  

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