“Government has become Criminal”. That’s the end game of the Evil People who rule the Stupid People who control the Ignorant People to keep them Ignorant. Smart people are dangerous to criminal’s Smart people always work to stop Evil.  So Evil People get control of the levers of Government to work their criminal schemes on the Stupid People to keep people Ignorant because Smart People can stop evil. That’s why evil people gravitate to government. Evil needs Force. Government is force. That’s why Obama and his Democrat Leaders, Pelosi and Reid needed to force Obamacare into law without any support from the Republicans. Pelosi and Reid are the Stupid ones who control the Ignorant ones who are kept Ignorant and Happy, happy to stay ignorant. Criminals use force. Obamacare is force. Force to make people pay for unwanted and often un-needed medical insurance. Force because Obama could not persuade people to accept government control of the Medical Industry. The circle is complete. From Evil to Stupid to Ignorant to Criminal and all Evil.


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