Obama set a trap for himself then walked right into his trap. Obama even increased the bet by using a fictional comedy character in a Presidential election. Romney was talking about how to decide if a government program should be continued. Obama played small-ball by running not with the principle but one detail and boy does Obama look silly.

Talk about missing the point, Obama didn’t grasp the difference between a policy and a cartoon character. Obama thinks they are the same thing. We know what a policy is. Obama doesn’t. We know the way government uses PBS for propaganda. Romney brought up a policy to evaluate government spending. Obama thought Romney was talking about cutting a character. Romney was talking about a principal. Obama created his own trap which shows he is the wrong man in the wrong place. The Big Bird Trap is such a small minded response to a big issue that the smallness of Obama’s mind has become the issue. In his own way Obama helped decide th future of Big Bird and of Obama.

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