They lost sight of the idea that government needs to radically change. The Tea Parties are doing the work of the Democrats by criticizing the Republicans. Why?

The Democrats passed the biggest Socialist Program, Obamacare in history yet the Tea Parties are holding John Boehner,  Mitch McConnell and the Republicans feet to the fire. What?

In Pennsylvania the tea parties, at least some of them have decided Tom Corbett lost their support but they will vote for him in November. He’s kept taxes low, reduced the size of government and created 116,000 new jobs. OK, he didn’t walk on water like Obama does but his record as a good guy is solid.

What about Jerry Sandusky? Some people don’t like the time Corbett spent investigating before the trial. But he won. Sandusky’s in jail. Penn State officials looked the other way and they are being or have been successfully prosecuted and punished. OK. Corbett still doesn’t walk on water but he’s been more successful than the Democrats in keeping taxes down, reducing government and creating the conditions for more jobs.

But the Tea Parties ignore the Progressives and prosecute the Conservatives. Pelosi, Reid, Holder, Sibelius and Obama are the problems. Why not criticize them? The Democrats are far more successful in working around the Constitution, increasing dependency on government, making it harder to start a business or stay in business,  expanding welfare, selling illegal guns under Fast and Furious, continuing to thumb their noses at Congress by keeping impeached Eric Holder. going to Hawaii for extended golf and vacations, ignoring the rules of both the country and moral law.

Obamacare is hurting the middle class and the rich but it’s not helping the poor or the undocumented immigrants. Yet the Tea Parties give the Progressives a pass and hold John Boehner responsible. Will they turn against the Progressives in 2014 or will they continue to go after Republicans?

Spying on Americans? Holding up tea Party Tax Exemptions?  Zipping approvals for Liberal Groups? What happened to the Tea Parties memories? Repeat after me. The Democrats Did All That and More.

Now where did I see that tea? 



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