“This is a Democrat school” said a public school teacher to 16 year old Charles Carrol High School student Smantha Pawlucy because “Sam” was wearing a Romney t-shirt. The humiliation and the death threats that followed were caused by the obsessive adoration of Obama by the left wing. The election of Obama empowered too many people who felt justified to candemn students who did not support him.

On October 9th a small group of United States Marines and some very patriotic adults showed up at 7:30 AM to escort “Sam” into her school. The message to the Left is clear. “Stop It!”  

Obama needs to step in here. He needs to speak to the Nation and tell his swooning supporters to stop disrespecting the Constitution; to start supporting American free expression and especially to stop his supporters who bully a 16 year old student for his political gain.

Romney called Samantha on October 11th to praise her for her stand. Why didn’t Obama? Romney is a candidate for the presidency but Obama is the president. Obama should have called and straightened out the bullies at Charles Carrol High.

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