Feb 122018

It’s bad art. Kehinde Wiley’s Obama portrait is ghastly. Like wallpaper that should be scraped off the walls.
The president is posed sitting in a dark wooden chair amid an overwhelming, busy and distracting backdrop of thick green leaves and some random flowers. The backdrop diminishes the president. He deserves more formality and respect.

He is wearing a shirt that’s designed to have a tie with it. In the disaster of a portrait his collar is open and he isn’t wearing a tie. HERE. 

For a formal portrait the president should be shown as formal. The absence of a tie diminishes the formality of the man.

The pose is mundane, almost embarrassingly so. He’s wearing a black suit and white button down shirt with an open color which is far to casual for a formal American president. 

Obama is staring off into space with a vacant stare on his face. His hands are far too large. His suit is a mark of a classic formal portrait but the rest of the painting is too informal. The green leaves continue the confused, chaotic appearance of the whole thing. It diminishes the president.