Yeah, well don’t be surprised that the officials of the Roman church that stands against a woman’s right to choose, hate the President of the United States… If you wondered why they didn’t hate President Obama who also supported abortion it’s because they didn’t have their little red hats, ….they weren’t Cardinals yet.

“They” are two new Cardinals, Tobin and Cupich, just a 65 and 68 year old who follow another man, the Pope, the leader of one of the most misogynistic ‘no women allowed in management’, religion. Instead of trying to bring people together the Pope want’s confrontation and opposition, a Culture of Encounter” as he phrases it. He aims to continue the bully tradition of the Roman religion against which Muslims remind themselves daily that the Vatican directed the Crusaders into the Muslim lands with the aim of destroying the upstart religion. It never apologized and it never backed off so it you want to find the fountainhead of the hate in the Middle East look inside the Vatican.   .

Islam and Muslims are far more dangerous than the President of America but that’s no matter to Cardinals Cupich and Tobin.
Nothing is their appointment or their service history in the article in CRUX, (means cross in Latin) mentions God. HERE. Hypocrites….Misogynistic bully-boys in red hats who haven’t learned to respect the American separation of church and state.

But worse than the hypocrisy, worse than the ignorance of a normal male life with a wife and children, they haven’t respected the common human attribute of supporting America even though they live and work here. Men like these disgrace the pleasantry of Rome. HERE.



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