Afghanistan is again in the bands of America’s enemies. The New York Times reported the Taliban was back in control of northern Helmand and Oruzgan where American troops left over a year ago. The Taliband is operating in Sangin, Musa Qala and threatened Kunduz according to the New York Times. Maybe that’s why Obama is pushing for a trade deal. He lost or is losing most of Iraq and Afghanistan. The amount of Iraq controlled by Al-Quaeda aka. ISIS is huge and growing. Soon they will control Baghdad.

Why is Afghanistan and Iraq of any concern to Americans? For the same reasons President Roosevelt was concerned about the NAZI’s. They mean to destroy America. The difference between President’s Roosevelt and Obama are striking. FDR moved America into a war to defeat the NAZI threat. President Obama is moving America out of Iraq and Afghanistan which will increase the danger to America from the Taliban and\or Al-Quaeda.

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