Nov 142017

Religion is based on primitive myth.  People became aware of their ability to think which introduced them to “wonder” at their very existence. Instead of developing into science and the study of the natural world they went off into the “supernatural” and haven’t recovered. Mikie Savage seeks to take advantage of that wonder by selling a book about God which has no other answers than the ones the mystics provided him.
His book contains a massive contradiction in the title. Reason is incompatible with faith. Martin Luther said it: “reason is the deadly enemy of faith.” He was 100% correct.

Luther was misguided as he sought to grasp the differences between the mind and the spiritual which is simply the ability to think, to separate the mind from the body and assign the idea of the spiritual to the supernatural. That’s the lair and the err of all religions, the assignment of the inexplicable to another non-human dimension.

Savages mistake is to misuse “and” in the title. It should be “or”.

With such a huge mistake should you read his book? You have to figure that out on your own. I’m neither buying his book nor recommending you do the same.
Savage is eminently readable. Being human he’s not infallible and neither is his book beginning with the third word of the title.
Enjoy the NFL boycott. Maybe read the book instead. Maybe not.