There were none.
No truthful answers.
Just like the Rose Firm Billing Records. No truth.

Hillary’s been a notorious confabulator for as long as we’ve known her. Even more obscure than President Obama who is diabolically secretive in many ways including especially his ability to spin any story faster than a high speed spiral nebula. These people are accomplished at inscrutability. A Yale trained lawyer like her husband, Bill (“Depends on what the meaning of is is”) Clinton, Hillary is probably one of the greatest prevaricators ever.

Why does that matter? Because honesty is a virtue. Hillary lacks Integrity, Honor, and Honesty. She cannot be trusted because by nature she’s untrustworthy. Remember her response to the suicide of Vince Foster? Get into his office before the police and clean it out.

Hillary not only kept her e-mails out of the hands of the Department of State, she kept them off the internet. Now she’s lying about it. That’s Hillary.

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