Nov 122017

Unfortunately the stadiums are half full. They need to be less and less ful until the protests stop. 

Each week the stadiums will be more and more empty. Most people don’t care about the politics of the players. If they do care most don’t want to watch the opposition get a freebie to protest for their cause when we can’t protest for ours. It’s unfair.

Besides, the problem is not with the fans. It’s with the criminals who incite the police into arresting them for criminal activity. If the black players want to protest police brutality against black people, go where the brutality is happening. . . that would be on the streets of the neighborhoods where the crimes are being committed.
Go help the criminals become law-abiding citizens. It’s not the fault of the fans who all pay your outrageous salaries for playing a game. Since we fans pay, we fans, at least some of us will no longer watch you disrespect us. If you want respect, go where the crimes are being committed. Tell the would be criminals that crime is wrong. Don’t go after the police for arresting criminals.
Who would you call if someone stole your watch from the locker room? Or drove away in your car? Would you call on your fellow kneelers or would you call the police? Be sure to tell them you don’t respect them and that you kneel during the Star Spangled Banner before you ask them for their help.
Here’s another flash. Most police officers cannot afford a ticket to watch your a** play on Sunday. Why not go where the police are and protest so they know you believe black people are mistreated by the police??
Colin Kaepernick said: ” “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people, and people of color,”
Hey Colin…You’re Free… America doesn’t oppress Black people or people of color. We just elected a black guy president….twice. You’re mixed up fella. You caused a lot of unnecessary hate and because of you and other people who don’t get it, you cost some people a lot of money. I hope they remember that at contract time for the other protesters who haven’t been released like you.
What if the fans protested crime? What if the fans wanted more criminals caught and punished so the streets would be safer. You believe the streets are dangerous because of the police? How crazy is that?
If black people are oppressed, how did you get to play football when you are black? the answer is black people aren’t oppressed in America. If you want to see oppression of black people go to Africa. I’ve been there. Go protest where black people really are oppressed.