Nov 132017

Football isn’t fun anymore. Race was supposed to be irrelevant especially in sports which was supposed to foster teamwork and cohesiveness but the kneelers show us race is always front and center whenever African-Americans and European-Americans are together.
Decades of Affirmative action and college quotas to get more educated African-Americans show how little attitudes have changed from when Jackie Robinson started playing professional baseball in 1947, seventy (70) years ago. Was Jackie Robinson a mistake that got America to black skinned NFL kneelers disrespecting America? Probably not, at least in this writers opinion.

Affirmative Action began in 1961. The Supreme Court rules in Brown v Board of Education in 1954 seven years after Jackie Robinson. Yale, Harvard, Princeton and U of P began lowering their entrance standards to admit African Americans. Michelle Obama commented on race in her senior thesis after she attended Princeton. Were those massive mistakes? No, of course not. Do the kneelers think about those events? Probably not. Were those preferences the right thing to do? No one knows for certain but Barack Obama was elected twice mostly by white people. Does that mean there is no race-based human preferences. Emphatically no, of course not.

The disrespect for America by the African-American NFL players and many other prominent African Americans like LaBron James won’t balance out Obama, Oprah, Whoopie and all of the other African-Americans who have achieved fame and fortune in America. Race based preferences will always be with the human race. Choice and analysis and conclusion is part of the nature of each individual human. There will never be sufficient justification for lowering standards to select African-American’s over European-Americans. That said, there must be a lowering of something to get African Americans into the game which is the premise behind Affirmative Action.

Studies show that European Americans favor darker, suntanned European Americans over non-tanned European Americans but the darker skinned bias doesn’t go much deeper when it comes to other decisions.
What’s going to happen to the kneeling and the protesters? Part of it has already happened. Fewer fans and less revenue to the NFL. The longer it continues the deeper race divisions in America will get.
It’s a basic law of the universe. Every action has an opposite reaction. Black protests lead to white protests and it will get worse for everything and everywhere it can get worse.
Race isn’t self-healing. Race based genocide in Southern Africa is probably the worst example of where race-based hate and division will go. It takes a great effort of will to move people against inborn choices but in the public squares of America that’s how it’s going to continue to go even if some few black footballers don’t like the speed of the forced integration. .