Victoria Falls is just about finished as a tourist destination mostly due to Robert Mugabe, the worst tyrant currently alive and possibly worse than Stalin or Mao because he’s ruled over the systematic destruction of white people in Rhodesia. In her masterfully written book: “Into the Cannibals Pot” author and native South African Ilana Mercer makes the case that’s the direction of America. Victoria Falls is one symbol of such a massive atrocity caused entirely by Mugabe that the United Nations is seriously considering removing Vic Falls as a World Heritage Site because Mugabe’s people, that would be the citizens of Zimbabwe, are so dangerous that’s tourism is life threatening if you are not Zimbabwean.

America is headed full speed towards the same atrocity because of the ideology of President Obama who is ruling America by his anti-American mind, his pen and the phone of the First American despot, who continues to violate America every day. He doesn’t have Christian dinners but he recently held the sixth Islamic Ramadan celebration inside the White House. He also held the first five. His America is the new America which isn’t like the old America. It’s going to be more like the new Rhodesia. Why? Read a prescient book, that would be a book that predicts, “Into the Cannibals Pot” by Ilana Mercer.

Could America become the new Rhodesia? Wrong question, Kato, it already is and proof is the racial politics of the pen and phone man visible along the Mexican border.   

Italian born, American at heart Oriana Fallaci warned the world about Islam in her book: “The Rage and the Pride”, written just after she witnessed 9/11 in New York. So did England born Dame Rebecca West in her book: “Black Lamb Grey Falcon” as did Russian born author and philosopher Ayn Rand. Too bad Oriana, the Left won America when FDR appointed known communists to his cabinet and tool them to Yalta for guidance. Remember Kato, Senator Joe McCarthy found hundreds of communists and the American Left laughed him into alcoholism. For one example in hundreds read: “The Mitrokin Archives”.

President Barack Obama is a carrier of the anti-American virus.  He has succeeded in six years to damage America more than any other person as proven by the diminishing stature and the increasing disrespect for America. A petty tyrant, Vladimir Putin has been helping President Obama hurt America. Obama is the first anti-white president despite the fact that his mother was white.

Some say America’s greatness will eventually stop President Obama. Nonsense. He still has almost 30 more months in power and predicting the future based on the past; America will be further humiliated and diminished until he leaves office, …if he leaves. Tyrants are malevolent operators without respect for laws. Just as Robert Mugabe rules by fiat, President Obama has shown a fierce commitment to break his oath, work against America’s best interests and if he decides to stay in office who or what will stop him?


The danger to America is not only President Obama. The systematic assault on America by the Left, the Progressives, the collectivists, altruists and mystics who never self-sacrifice is not over when another President replaces Barack Obama. President Obama is in many ways only a figurehead. The cancer of the anti-America virus metastasized over the last 100 years. America was great because of the commitment to individual Liberty a commitment so powerful it’s seen America grow and prosper more than any nation or culture. The future of America will be different than it’s past in part because of President Obama who has taken America more in the direction of Rhodesia and South Africa with the removal of: the protection of the money of each American because of the high tax of Obamacare; the assault on property rights with his open border policy; the assault on the economic well-being of America citizens with foolish economic bets, e.g., the costs for non-viable companies like Solyndra; and the lack of even token support for the Crimea which was taken over by Obama’s friend and tyrant, Vladimir Putin. President Obama has quickened the pace to withdraw the protection of the Constitution from individuals. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

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