Remember Lend Lease? After WWII ended Russia received one million miles of new cooper wire. While WWII was going on the Roosevelt Administration gave Stalin 750,000 Jeeps, 218 million pounds of American butter, $1 billion (1940 dollars) of ordinance and ammunition, 13 million pairs of winter boots and 1,000 coal burning steam locomotives in addition to uranium. Roosevelt sent $13 million of aluminum tubes necessary for cooking uranium into plutonium. The trucks and Jeeps made it easier for Stalin to round up and murder 20 million civilians including tens of thousands of Polish officers who were prisoners of war. That’s known as the Katyn Forrest Massacre. Likewise, Stalin murdered by starvation the Ukrainian farmers and their families whose bodies were collected by American trucks. Do you wonder why Polish and Ukrainian’s don’t trust Russians?

Roosevelt coordinated the flood of American Lend Lease goods through the Office Of War Information. It was a nest of Russian Spies who vacuumed up anything of value and shipped it to Russia in Diplomatic Cases. While American military were fighting overseas, Russian spies were fighting for Stalin in America. 

Check out “American Betrayal” by Diana West to read much more about how successful Russia was winning WWII. Russia got much more and paid much less than America.

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