If you like Senator John McCain, –and I don’t, you would call his last speech “moving”. It sounded as though he knew he was giving his last speech to the senate. Perhaps he was right but all he said of consequence was he voted against the republican healthcare bill, effectively stopping it.

Most of his speech was an absolute bore. He explained how the senate worked. We know how it works. In the case of McCain he disagreed with 49 republican senators and agreed with 47 Democrats.

He said he wanted to do the right thing for the people. He failed. He said he wanted to work with both sides of the aisle. But in the end he didn’t want to work with the Republicans. Instead he voted with the Democrats. They didn’t want to work with the Republicans either. The Democrats loved him for his confused snooze of a speech written by Mark Saltzer which basically said: “I will not vote for the bill”
McCain has become a waste of time.