A trite, childishly silly speech marked the end of his too public, traitorous career. It is a relief to know he’s out of Washington for his final days.

His classmates at Annapolis knew him well. “A mean little fuck.” A deeply troubled man who could not rise above his small self, John McCain was a traitor in Vietnam and he showed his taitorious intellect to us in his final NO vote against America and Americans.

“How could the people of Arizona, the state that brought you the O.K. Corral, the Grand Canyon, constitutional carry, and sunshine 360 days a year re-elect such a steaming lumpen pile?”

Rolling Stone reported: “McCain attended Episcopal High School, an all-white, all-boys boarding school across the Potomac in Virginia, where tuition today tops $40,000 a year. There, McCain behaved with all the petulance his privilege allowed, earning the nicknames “Punk” and “McNasty.” Even his friends seemed to dislike him, with one recalling him as “a mean little fucker.”

The Washington Times wrote: “He can spend his dying days in open friendship with the Democrats he so loves.
“No more hiding in the shadows. No more feigning Republican. No more pretending to support the conservative cause.
“For McCain, his moment in the “No Obamacare Repeal” sun was freeing.
“Conservatives, of course, have a different take.
“For American voters expecting their Republican-dominated House, Senate and White House to honor their years of repeal promises and actually, well, repeal Obamacare, McCain’s thumbs-down was a face-slap moment that will be remembered in history as a textbook classic case of political betrayal. McCain may feel liberated. But his name will go down in conservative history books as a traitor to the cause. A traitor to the Navy. A traitor to his successful father and grandfather, both of whom were wartime Admirals. Not John. . . The traitor.

Roger Stone, a controversial longtime adviser to President Donald Trump, called Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) a “piece of shit” and a “traitor” for voting against the repeal of President Barack Obama’s health care reform law.

During an impromptu interview with TMZ, Stone noted that Trump “is not a turn-the-other-cheek guy.”

“And let’s face it, John McCain is a piece of shit,” he opined about the Arizona senator who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.

According to Stone, it is a “pity” that McCain is not running for reelection so that voters can hold him accountable for sinking the Senate’s best chance at repealing Obamacare.

“If McCain was ever a maverick looking out for the peoples’ interests this illusion came to an end once he went to the senate. He immediately started to hang out with some of the earliest known swamp creatures. Receiving over one million dollars from land swindlers who cost taxpayers over three billion dollars (in 1980’s dollars) in what many experts claim led the southwest United States into a major recession. It also cost thousands of retires their life savings which they thought were safe in real estate backed bonds. This was the beginning of the long swath of destruction that the not so honorable gentleman from Virginia (born in Panama) continues to leave in his wake, without a clue (or a care) for the people of this world he harms.”