Why was America Exceptional? Because more of the best and the brightest were here. They recognized the oppression of big government so they formed a small, controlled and limited government. Little government has gone and most likely will never return. Why? What happened?

Everyone has ideas but all ideas are not equal. There are good ideas and bad ideas. Immigrants, traditionally, that means historically, don’t have superior ideas. If they do, why are they dragging down America? And why are they here?

The Left had the idea that Immigrants, not superior ideas made America great. Superior ideas don’t come with people wanting welfare benefits as they do since the 1965 European Limiting Left Wing Immigration Act.

In order to convince the American people of the merits of opening the borders, Lyndon Johnson and Left-wing Democrats lied and told Americans that passage would not influence America’s culture significantly. President Johnson called the bill “not a revolutionary bill. It does not affect the lives of millions”, while Secretary of State Dean Rusk estimated only a few thousand Indian immigrants over the next five years. Senator Ted Kennedy, hastened to reassure the populace that: “the demographic mix would not be affected; our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually; the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset”. they lied and their false assertions would later prove grossly inaccurate.

By the 1990s, America’s population growth was more than one-third driven by legal immigration and substantially augmented by illegal immigration, primarily from Latin America and other parts of the developing world. Before passage of the 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration Act, immigration accounted for only ten percent of population increase in the U.S. Ethnic and racial minorities, as defined by the US Census Bureau, immigration rose from 25 percent of the US population during the year 1990 to 30 percent in the year 2000 and to 36.6 percent as measured by the results from the 2010 census.[12] Similarly, during the same time period the white population in the United States decreased from 75 percent of the overall US population in 1990 to 70 percent in 2000 and finally to 63.4 percent during the year 2011. That’s Genocide.

By the year 2042, white people will no longer constitute a majority but rather only a plurality of the population of the United States. Minority groups, like Hispanics, mainly from Mexico, Blacks., Asians, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders would together outnumber White Americans. According to the 2000 census, roughly 11.1 percent of the American population was foreign-born, a major increase from the low of 4.7 percent in 1970. A third of the foreign-born were from Latin America and a fourth from Asia. The passage of the Hart-Celler Act also contributed to increased illegal immigration from Latin America, especially Mexico, since the unlimited legal bracero program previously in place was eliminated.

As recently as 1960, Whites made up 85 percent of the U.S., but that percent has steadily dropped after Lyndon Johnson, Teddy Kennedy and the revenge minded Liberal Left’s ill conceived Immigration Bill opened the floodgates to waves of immigrants from Mexico, Latin America and Asia. By 2000, the percentage of U.S. whites had slid to 69 percent; it now stands at nearly 64 percent and by 2040, white’s will be purposely driven into a minority percent. That’s Genocide on a scale exceeded only by the tyrannical dictatorship of Robert Mugube.

The Lies; the massive lies about the desirability of purposely forcing the white percent down is pure deceptive, lying propaganda that’s being shot into the brains of Americans. Here’s an example of a left wing lie from a prominent anti-white propaganda organ. Quote: “Economically, the rapidly growing non-white population gives the U.S. an advantage over other developed nations.” Really? If the non-white populations are such an economic advantage, why did their poverty left wing tyrant run countries let them go? Who would want to make things worse for themselves and move to a worse place?

People don’t start out in life all the same. People are different. Some are superior and some are bad. The idea that everyone can live together in peace is false. In addition, criminals prove how wrong it is to accept that criminals want the same things that normal people want. They don’t. When criminals enter America, their country of birth wins and America and Americans lose. When loads of undesirables and criminals enter America, as they have been doing in greater numbers since the 1964 loosening of third world immigrant restrictions, America declines. the left wing, assisted by the government is lying to you about the benefits of keeping the borders open. That’s part of President Obama’s plan of revenge on America. Unfortunately he’s hurting America. He’s helping America’s enemies and he’s being applauded by the enemies of America both within and outside of America. Read the Bell Curve.

What’s worse? Unlimited Immigration or Socialism? Well, with unlimited immigration you get both: higher taxes and more Socialism. Is that why Obama told Medvedev to: “Tell Vladimir I can be more flexible after my election”?

Socialism is all about groups; -cronies who work together against individuals. It’s either/or. Either support the Rights / Powers of each individual or support the power of groups. Groups don’t have Rights. They don’t need it because groups have more power than an individual. Government is the most dangerous group which is why Al Sharpton has been to the White House so often. He understands how to combine the power of government with the power of anti-white racism.

This is pretty simple stuff, really. It’s either/or. Either each person, individually, or it’s about groups. Groups / Society. It’s right in the name. Socialism; it’s about everyone, not each one.

When big government gets bigger, the small disappear, and the powerless are trapped.

Diversity and Multiculturalism are fundamentally anti-white race. Instead America needs to admire superiority and the successful people who know and promote that.

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