What was Obama thinking while Libya was on fire and four representatives of America were murdered?

What does Obama reveal by appearing on talk shows, appearances that make the Presidency into an International Joke and dimish, demean and show disrespect towards America and the office? When the bodies of the four murdered Americans arrived in flag-draped coffins Obama spoke at Andrews. Obama’s attitude and his initial remarks to the nation are reminisent of Chamberlain’s  sell-out of Czechoslovakia and his appeasement of Hitlar. Obama appeased the murderers. Twenty-first century guerilla wars are not won with high-tech drones when the drones are kept on the ground.  That helps explain Obama whose secret therefore unclear Foreign Policy is, as  James Kirchick used the term in a derogatory sense, that the Obama Doctrine could be summarised as: “The United States will remain impassive in the face of genocide.”  Obama mis-understands his inability to protect American interests, his appeasement towards foreign nations, his diminishment of America. He dismisses critics and says America should be “equal” when everyone knows America is First among the Nations.

What motivates Obama  to appear on stage at a night time comedy show within hours of the return of the bodies in coffins?

What motivates Obama who, instead of paying attention to the business of America yuks it up with commedians, celebrities, and rock super stars? (1) Does he aspire to be a celebrity instead of doing the job to which he was eleted to do and for which he took an oath?

What inner quality is revealed when Obama attends a night club party within days after the murders in Bengazi , murders designed to taunt America for the weakness and lack of resolve shown by Obama and his cabinet, all over the Middle East? What is it?

What moral flaws does Obama  exhibit to foreign nations when he joins a night-club audience of people who paid $40,000 to be there within 24 hours after the bodies in their coffins arrived at Andrews Air Force Base?  

What is missing from this man, who seems like an imposter because so many of his actions after being elected President run counter to the interests of America and Americans? What is missing?

It’s certainly disrespectful but that’s inadequate. Perhaps it’s a committment to punish America and to trick foreign leaders into believing their culture is “Equal” to America. That’s fraud but it helps explain Obama who is always guarded and always calculating. Psychologically, Obama identifies as a victim. He enjoys being a rock-star type of celebrity but that’s another of his false fronts. Rock Stars know how fleeting fame really is, which is one attribute that could help the entire world post-Obama Presidency. More Here  

1. Superstar couple Beyonce and Jay-Z  boosted Barack Obama’s re-election campaign by generating $4 million at a New York City fundraiser for the President on Tuesday, Sept 18, seven days after America was disrespected in Cairo on 9/11).  One hundred VIP guests paid $40,000 each to attend the exclusive event, held at the rapper’s 40/40 Club in Manhattan.)

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