It’s 1998. Then Senator Obama is speaking at Loyola University, a Roman Catholic University. Obama states, unequivocally, that he “believes in a certain level of redistribution” so that “everybody’s got a shot.” (The video is here). In the video, actually it’s only audio, Obama talks about “the trick” and using the trick to change the idea that government is not effective in getting things done. The fatal error of all redistribution schemes is that most people do not get a shot, others do not get a fair shot and others get an extra-equal shot. The Obama’s get what’s called “a more equal shot”. Their records are sealed so we cannot calculate the amounts.

Most people are fleeced by any redistribution scheme, first because the administrative costs soon overtake the system and feather-bedding by the leaders and administrators limit the amount of money redistributionists are willing to redistribute. Obama believes in a certain amount of redistribution because it has benefited him, his parents and his wife. The third problem with redistribution is that it does not benefit people equally or fairly. No program that handles other peoples money has ever been fair or equal because there’s no ownership of the money by the system so it cannot be policed for fraud and physical theft. Another fatal error occurs because some criteria needs to be selected before redistributing the money.  If the money is to be given to the most poor people, then the less poor are cheated, as are the middle class who are a priori excluded. The rich are penalized the most but the most harsh exclusions are the working poor and the working middle classses who are deselected by class and income. In America redistribution has always carried a racial component. In fact, redistribution is an answer to Racism, both real and preceived. I am not sorry for saying what amounts to heresy to redistributionalists, that redistribution in America has a large racial component. It’s ironioc that an anti-racial animus causes race to be considered as a redistribution component.  


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