Here’s why I called Northampton “Ground Zero” for political Corruption in Bucks County:

First, Northampton is hostile to business. The township controls businesses indirectly by refusing to approve projects unless businesses go along with the wishes and desires of the township officials. That’s corrupt. Why should a few elected officials, three to be precise, control business?

  • Private job creation is restricted by subtle, effective means, Advertising is forbidden without permission. Doing business is forbidden – unless the supervisors allow it; which they do for their contributors and friends or they make it foolishly expensive. Home business is forbidden unless, one has a friend in government or is willing to pay and to let government tell you what you should do even though they are not experts. They are politicians who like to collect some dough-re-me from as many people as possible.
  • 2. Because of the restrictions against business, Northampton is one of the most restrictive, job exporting and job-destroying townships in America. Hostility towards business means there could be more jobs in Northampton but the business goes elsewhere and that means Bye Bye Jobs.

    3. Northampton has long been regarded by businesses as a “pay-to-play township”. If you need an explanation of Pay to Play check out Wikipedia’s definations. Note that it includes business as well as poltics.

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