Georgie Pour ghee aka Porjie, aka Porgie is alive and well and living in Northampton where his arrested development caused the Republicans to lose two supervisor elections. He created anonymous websites to hide behind while throwing his mud-pies. Many loyal, good, non-insider Republicans are grateful to get some of the Insiders off the boards and commissions but the bottom line is the dirty tactics, the lies, the intellectual mis-fires and the fierce support of the Northampton GOP for the slime. This behavior doesn’t belong in Northampton. In fact it doesn’t belong in the adult world.   

Little Georgie sit’s in his scatological dream world writing letters to himself and signing some of them with my name. His filth is supported by his Loyal Insider Republicans on the Northampton GOP Republican Committee who cheer his malidicta. Little pig-brain. Another Insider: failed in his business; left Northampton but: received an insider mortgage; moved back into Northampton and was appointed an ass. (assistant) committee person. His fawning butt wipe written thank you to his betters is a work to behold.

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