NORTHAMPTON OUTLAWED SOLAR POWER unless you pay-to-play with expensive, time consuming and un-necessary building permits and zoning changes. They will give you permission to avoid the ordinance if you pay to get a permission slip from some politically connected official who knows nothing or very little about solar power. Most people need to hire a lawyer to go before the Zoning Department, a big cash cow for the township for permission. You need to waste your time and efforts and grovel before them even if you have a system certified by Professional Engineers and Registered Architects. All five supervisors voted for the ban without permission so both parties are involved. The supervisors are Power-Mad and Money Hungry. They get away with it because it’s cheaper and easier to pay them some tribute instead of defending your right to build on your own property. Power Mad; Money Hungry; Corrupt and probably laughing out loud at the lack of oversight.

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