Obama didn’t forget to tell you that many people take their fair share while others are forced to pay for them. He knows what he is doing and he knows he’s not telling people the truth but he is about helping Michelle and him get as much loot as they can. They have become millionaires. Another year passes and they collect another million. Obama could have fixed the economy but he didn’t have to nor did he want to. Obama wants to punish Americans and help defeat the great Satan to settle the score for his father. Even if you claim that’s not true, look at what he’s done to America. His actions lowered America from a triple A credit rating. He refused to wear an American flag in his lapel until public opinion got so loud he had to. He destroyed all Private Health Care by taking it over. That’s not Socialism, – that’s a marker of a Totalitarian Dictatorship by a small majority.  Check how many Left Wing Ideologues he has around him. Check out China to find out how bad it is for doctors to treat people when the state has decided who should be treated and who should have treatment witheld because of the cost because they no longer can work. Their share was used by government. China doesn’t reward seniors, it lets them expire, calling them “Useless Eaters”. America became Socialist decades ago. There are elements of free enterprise still around in America, .. some people start businesses, some grow to large corporations but the vast majority want government to solve their problems, not protect their freedoms. Most people don’t seem to put much value on freedom and Obama is willing to dictate to them just what he will do.

Romney has a chance to change some of the socialism. His Presidency will move America towards reclaiming some freedoms and for that alone he deserves election. Obama on the other hand is a lawyer, trained to argue one side and rebut the other. Romney is not a lawyer. To many that gives him a human heart. To those who value freedom and want more of it so they can be themselves, Obama is the wrong choice. But the country is socialist and the government is moving further Left. That’s why the message to pay your fair share makes sense to so many Americans. The problem is you may want everyone to pay their fair share but no one talks about you getting their fair share, only about you or the rich paying more. So the con works. The Lower class has disappeared and the middle class will keep paying for the missing lower class who are now called the poor. They cannot become middle class nor do they want to. They are protected from cradle to grave and it only cost them their Liberty. Unfortunately, they have ruined America because they gave in to their greed instead of doing the right things.

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