Nancy Pelosi told us “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.” So we have to pay for it before we even know what it is we are paying for. That’s not even fair but government programs are never fair. Fair requires the virtue of Justice but there’s no moral consideration possible when people are forced to act as the government demands. Government is never fair. Government is about force. Obamacare is not optional, it’s enforced. There’s no choice about Obamacare. Buy it and then you can find out if you need it. Actually Obamacare is not about buying anything. It’s ruse to say there are options. There are none of any consequence. There’s no choice whether to comply or not. That’s partly because of the core beliefs of the Democrats include: people are stupid so we can keep fleecing and cheating them and live lavish lives and get rich off the people like the Obama’s did as long as Democrats can keep up the swindle and can get some Hollywood Intellectual Pixie-Brains like Scarlett Johansson and sneering Kerry Washington to read our scripts and follow our Marxist Redistributionist philosophy. It’s an easy sell it to the good people who cannot figure out what’s going on. Pay for it whether or not you want it. That’s how government works. Government is afraid of a revolution so they pay-off the revolutionaires, the mutiners , the outlyers and lie to the rest of the dumbed-down masses who follow them to collect their cheese.

But some people get it. Some of us figure out the cheat schemes. Some of us are in rebellion. The truth is government doesn’t care if  we believe them as long as they can control our money.

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