The “Final Speech” was vapid. Lacking in substance. Lacking in a list of his achievements because there were so few in eight years. Obamacare is going down. Israel is supported by Donald Trump and most Americans despite Obama’s Stab-In-The-Back work at the U.N. That alone puts Obama at the top of the worst president column.

Obama referred to himself 75 times in the brief speech. He said “I” 33 times, “my” 20 times, “me” 10 times, and “I’m” or “I’ve” 12 times.

He didn’t close GITMO. Good. America needs a place run by the military that’s safe for Americans in which to detain and interrogate without torture enemy combatants. Obama complained in his speech about the specter of terrorism which he was ineffective to lessen.

Obama complained about the stark inequality, his words as “too many families in inner cities have been left behind”. He had eight years to fix it and he complains as though it’s not his fault.  He also framed the government de-whitening or the increased browning of America as an abstraction, meaning he didn’t fix it or make it better.

Obama coped-out when he said: “you never really understand a person …. until you climb into his skin”. As thought that’s possible. People understand a lot about other people like George Washington and Martin Luther King and they’re dead. No one needs to climb into anyone else’s skin to understand them. That’s an Obama-trick to prove you can’t understand a black person until you climb into their skin. But it’s false. It’s wrong-headed, inaccurate reasoning.  

Obama’s favorite line is racism wasn’t ended when slavery was eliminated by the 13th Amendment in 1865. That was 151 years ago yet Obama still blames white people for problems black people have getting elected as president. Of course he’s wrong on that too.

There are people with black skin. There are people with white skin. Skin color is not an indicator of racism but to Obama it is.

Climate is another of his pitches to diminish America. He takes credit for “halved our dependene on foreign oil. that’s another Obama-trick. America uses more oil than ever so and if he wanted to change that he failed. He did want to change it and it hasn’t happened. He failed. That’s his biggest legacy.

He failed.

He want’s to defend America by pushing the values he thinks are important onto other cultures. That’s offense, not defense. He want’s to promote LGBY rights onto other nations and call it defending the American way of life. Not only is that offense, not defense, why didn’t he try to do that in say Iran or any Muslim counry where they hate gay people so much they hurl them off buildings. Obama is really wrong trying to force LGBT values in the Middle East. He’s really, really wrong  in thinking it is in America’s best interests to push that but he refuses to support Israel which is a far easier thing to do than push gay rights into the Middle East.

Obama is also want’s us to believe he’s against money. He said “we should reduce the corrosive influence of money in out politics” as though there’s something inherently evil in money. He says that as he amassed millions in personal assets and so did his wife. together they have a net worth north of $22 million.

Obama has corroded our politics with his divisiveness. Religions  can offer morals classes on his breaches of moral principles.

Obama said: “I leave this stage tonight even more optimistic about this country than I was when we started.” Two points. He’s optimistic because  he’s leaving and because Donald Trump will take over and straighten things out. Finally the nightmare presidency of Barack Hussein Obama II is over.  


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