Northampton’s Sewer board meetings have become a sandbox for the Northampton Insider Republicans. Don George has nothing good to say and says it every meeting during public comment.

Public Comment is very restricted at the Sewer board where they “allow” one public comment per person per night. The First Amendment is a game to the Sewer board. They believe if they permit one comment per person per night they meet the legal requirements of the First Amendment. That’s very bad lawyering. The First Amendment applies at every moment of the meeting, not just for one brief period.

For 18 months George insisted there was contamination in the Industrial Park. Tony Albano agreed. So did Exec Director Zeuner. Their evidence? None. Zuener said it was in the Sewer report by Pennoni Engineers. Pennoni was silent during the meetings but they did not refute George’s false claims.

After Supervisor Rothermel investigated George’s false claims and proved them false George stopped with the false charges. Rothermel was right all along. George was wrong for 18 months. The little Northampton mosquito was finally swatted down.

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