Israel was attacked by roving mobs and Obama blamed Israel for starting the fight when they hit back. He blamed Israel for defending itself and said their self-defense where they responded by killing a Muslim who was stabbing a Jewish soldier was “excessive”. Obama clearly hates Jews as he demonstrated in his first term when he forced Israeli Prime Minster Netanyahu to leave the White House by a rear door. Why does Obama hate Jews?

Is it because he’s part black and since most black people hate Jews he had to hate Jews so he would be seen to be an authentic black guy? Is it because Iran and Khamenei called Israel the “Little Satan” and Obama had to be seen as helpful to Islam so he hates Jews like Iran does?
Or, does an irrational Obama simply hate Jews? Or, is it something else?

Obama has screwed up in the Middle East by abandoning Iraq which caused the Islamic State or ISIL or ISIS to start conquering parts of Iraq. In addition Obama provided Iran a path to become a nuclear power. Iran promptly announced that America is still “The Great Satan” and within 25 years Israel would cease to exist.

Under Obama and Hillary Clinton as Secratary of State America helped remove Gadaffi and Mubarak from Libya and Egypt. Secretary of State John Kerry who should resign for assisting the Islamic State in Iraq and for providing the path for Iraq to get nuclear weapons as well as for facilitating President Obama’s hatred of Israel.

Obama is unable to plan and unfit to plan. Proof is the chaos caused after the demise of Kadaffi and Mobarak with no plan on who or how to replace them so the Islamic State moved into the vacuum created by Obama’s inabilities in geopolitics. He’s totally inept in foreign policy having managed to alienate the Europeans, strengthen Russia and ISIS and fail to get the girls back from Boco Harem. What can Obama do? What are his talents? None that are useful outside of organizing neighborhood protests to get benefits from the government of Chicago. He’s completely and perhaps uniquely unable to lead America in the outside world.

Oh. He actively and vividly supports the enemies of Israel and America at the United Nations. What a disgrace.

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