Some people believe the glass and plastic bottles they put in the recycling bins are actually cleaned and used again which is nonsense. It’s cheaper to smash the glass bottles and heat the crushed glass then add it to melted sand to make new bottles. But wrong ideas about recycling run rampant. Some people will accept just about anything if then don’t know what they are talking about. They’ll believe anything.

That’s how psychologically, recycling has become so much a part of normal everyday practice that it has become sacrilegious, on the premises of urban religion, to even question it.

If you save old newspaper to save trees, recognize that paper companies plant trees to make paper so if you want more trees to be planted use more paper.

All the trash generated by Americans for the next 1,000 years would fit on one-tenth of 1 percent of the land available for grazing. And that tiny amount of land wouldn’t be lost forever, because landfills are typically covered with grass and converted to parkland, like the Freshkills Park being created on Staten Island.

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