December 22, 2016. In another parting shot against America by those who, like the current president refuse to assimilate, president Obama destroyed the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, or NSEERs, launched about a year after 9/11, requiring men and boys from a variety of mostly Middle Eastern countries to register with the federal government upon their arrival in the U.S. Registration, which also applied to immigrants from North Korea, included fingerprints and photographs and a requirement to notify the government of any address changes. No doubt it contained thousands of sleeper agents.
US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told the committee that ISIS is “taking advantage of the torrent of migrants to insert operatives into that flow,” and warned that the group is “pretty skilled at phony passports so they can travel ostensibly as legitimate travelers.”

“As we saw in the November Paris attacks,” in which ISIS operatives trained in the Middle East killed 130 people across the city in a single night, “returning foreign fighters with firsthand battlefield experience pose a dangerous operational threat,” Clapper said.

He continued: “Although the US is a much harder target than Europe, ISIL’s leaders are determined to strike the US homeland beyond inspiring homegrown violent extremists attacks.
He continued: “Sunni violent extremists will probably continually plot against US interests overseas. A smaller number will attempt to overcome the logistical challenges associated with conducting attacks on the US homeland.”

Brig. Gen. Mohammad-Reza Naghdi, during a gathering of high-ranking members of the Revolutionary Guards command and the Basij militia, announced that Iranian assets have successfully infiltrated deep within the West, from Europe to New York.”
A CIA spy in the Revolutionary Guards said: “I can attest to how the Guards successfully use mosques, Islamic cultural centers, Islamic student associations, alliances with other Islamic groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, and Muslims from Afghani and Pakistani groups to infiltrate the West and infect its society.” That would be America which has been weakened by the Muslim supporting president, that would be Barack Hussein Obama. Notice his Muslim middle name.

Renowned Iranian ideologue Hassan Rahim Poor Azgadi, in a speech titled ”A Model for Tomorrow,” called for jihad in Europe and America. He said that Iran’s forces must get ready for a global operation.

He says as promised, the Revolution has been exported and warned that “Fellow fighters” are present in all five continents of the world in the fight against imperialism and in preparation for the coming of Mahdi. Shiites believe the 13th-century Imam, the Mahdi, demands world chaos and destruction — Armageddon — before he will return.
Ira Berman recently warned against Sleeper Cells in at least 15 American Cities
Hezbollah is present in “no fewer than fifteen metropolitan centers, stretching from New York to Los Angeles.”
–Ilan Berman, Vice President of the American Foreign Policy Council
New York, NY | Newark, NJ | Boston, MA | Chicago, IL | San Francisco, CA | Louisville, KY | Houston, TX | Miami, FL | Los Angeles, CA | Portland, OR | Atlanta, GA | Tampa, FL
This is of particular concern given the Obama administration’s 2010 description of Hezbollah as ‘the most technically capable terrorist group in the world.”
President Obama just destroyed the list of them.
Allowing Obama to continue to operate with impunity until Jan 20th is irresponsible. Hopefully it won’t be fatal to any more Americans but Obama doesn’t seem to care for Americans.

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